Cecilia Schiebel


I'm Cecilia Schiebel, frontend developer, web designer and entrepreneur.
Since childhood I like to design and create new things, always thinking about how people are going to use them. That's why I started Poffly and Mergus while studying computer science, and I worked on different software projects with Meg and Elvex.
I am always open to new projects where I can add value and learn from the expertise of other people.

Technical Skills


Advanced:  HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Sass, LESS, ES6, AngularJS, JQuery

Intermediate:  Python, Git, Gulp, Grunt

Beginner:  Angular2, PHP, Node.js

Related skills

NPM, Bower, Yarn, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), UI/UX Design, Interface Layout, Responsive Design


Spanish (native), English (intermediate-advanced)


Frontend Developer, Founder November 2015 – present
Mergus Design

In Mergus Design we are dedicated to provide development, design and illustration services for digital projects.
I'm currently working in:

  • Web Application Development
  • Management and accounting
  • Consulting and customer service
  • Responsive UI/UX design with Bootstrap 3, HTML5
  • SVG Web Animation with JS, CSS3
  • Creating LESS and Sass themes

Graphic and Product Designer, Co-founder July 2012 – present

In Poffly we create cases and bags made to protect all kinds of gadgets.
I started the project while studying in the university, and it gave me the opportunity to learn about administration, advertising, customer service and meet so many entrepreneurs.
Our goal was to create the best brand and products as possible, so today I can say that I am glad with the results. We also receive excellent reviews from our customers, which are available on our facebook page.
Due to work we are maintaining the project passively, I am currently working on:

  • Project maintenance

Frontend Developer August 2011 – present
Cooperativa de trabajo ELVEX Ltda.

I began to collaborate in ELVEX with sporadic works, since mid-2011, with Informática MEG's team. After the closing of MEG I continued working on some projects with ELVEX, until today.
I'm currently working at:

  • Development of management system with AngularJS, Twig and JS
  • Interface layout with Bootstrap 3, HTML5 and CSS3

Web Designer, Web Developer February 2011 – March 2015
Informática MEG

My work with Informática Meg began mainly with design tasks, soon I started to make the layout of sites and applications, and then I joined the team as a developer.
Among the works I did are included:

  • Creating logos and icons for applications
  • Designing and creating the company's website
  • Site and application layout with Bootstrap, Jade and Stylus
  • Front-end development of management applications
  • UI/UX design, wireframing


Universidad Nacional de Misiones

Advanced student – Analista en Sistemas de Computación
Advanced student – Licenciatura en Sistemas de Información